Sunday, March 17, 2013

Storm Hold On To Veteran Midfielder Alex Harlley .

Alex Harlley-Midfielder

Alex Harley to Stay with the Storm for

2013 Season
Santa Clarita, California - Alex Harlley, who was second in scoring and the leader in assists, resigned with the Storm for the 2013 season. The 6 foot 1 inch native of Togo, Africa, & nephew of one of the biggest legends in European soccer; Emanuel Adebayor, has confirmed he will play for the Santa Clarita Storm in 2013. Harlley found quite the partner when he teamed up with Tyler Coombes as one of the deadliest tanums in the Southwest Division of the N.P.S.L. in 2012. Coombes was the top goal scorer for the Storm and was assisted by Harlley on almost every one of his goals. Harlley lead the team in assists in 2012 with 12 and was second in goals scored with 6 for a total of 24 points. After the 2012 season Harlley attended Yavapai college in Arizona where he scored 22 goals within 20 games & had an additional 17 assists to accumulate a total of 61 points. He ended his first season first in the league in goals, first in assists, first in points & first in minutes played, capturing another M.V.P award and a league title!This will be Harlley's third year with the Storm, where he has averaged over 1,170 minutes in each of his first two seasons. Alex arrived in the U.S in February of 2010 thinking he was here to do nothing but play soccer, after all, that had become his life back home. However, Kodjo Harlley (his Father) shortly let him know he was here for an education. It's hard to imagine being 17 in your own home country, never having a necessity for  any schooling & focusing on nothing but training day in and day out, only to be
 moved off to a new, unfamiliar country only to have to refocus on making up the last two years of school missed - entering High School as a sophomore instead of a senior. Alex was faced with some big challenges not speaking much English and not knowing anyone at all. It was quite a struggle for the past two years, but Alex had much determination & a lot of support from his high school coach; Anthony Ramos. It has been two years and he is doing great in school and is right at home as always on the pitch. A star on the Rosamond High  School boys soccer team, Alex scored 14 goals for his team and lead the league for two years in a row. In his last year of high school Alex won the M.V.P and the Golden Boot (most goals scored) award. Alex then signed with the Lancaster Rattlers of the U.S.L Premier Development League.
After graduating high school Alex went on the Yavapai on a full soccer scholarship.Alex will join Coombes, Bueno, Shaxton and many others on the pitch March 23rd, 2013 when the Santa Clarita Storm face F.C Hasental in the 2013 Open Cup Qualifier at Canyon High School.More information can be found on our web site at  

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